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Can we help you reach a lot more customers?  I'm pretty sure we can, and here's why.

Hi, my name is Bill Jones.  I'm a retired Denver radio newsman who is now hosting an Oldies Music show on Legends 95.3 FM.  

I LOVE it, and my listeners do too!  In fact my show is called I Luv Oldies!   Just like me, most of our listeners are on

Medicare.   And, just like me, they want the best Medicare plan possible at the lowest price possible.  


But, just like me, they want somebody they can trust, not some telemarketer who is half their age, and who hounds them 

day after day.    


Our station reaches thousands and thousands of listeners like this every week in the Denver metro area.  


So, the real question isn't can we, but MAY we help you reach our listeners and your future customers?  

Our listeners already know me, so let me introduce them to you as a friend they can trust.  

Bill Jones 

Contact me at 303-955-0035 (my cell) or 303-481-1800 (Legends Radio)

P.S. - I've taken the liberty of producing a simulated commercial for Integrity Health Advisors - just click on the

attachment below.  Also, feel free to check out my website at

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